Sometimes, depending on your line of work or what social circles you may move in you may need to attend the occasional cocktail party or even a formal office event. Social events like these can be great opportunities to network and meet new people, but they can also be hard to navigate. We’ve put together some helpful hints that could help prevent you from making rookie mistakes.
Dress the part
First things first, you need to dress the part. Most even invitations will provide information on a dress code. Always stick to the dress code. If the dress code says cocktail attire you cannot attend the event wearing jeans and a shirt. Most dress codes are very straight forward: cocktail attire or black tie. On occasion your invitation may simply state smart casual. In such instances it’s always best to dress up a little, after all it is always better to be overdressed than under dressed. Invest in a well cut suit or at the very least a smart tailored jacket or blazer and well cut pants. Buy a shirt that fits you well and stick to shirts that are white. Avoid bright colours or prints unless it’s a pinstripe shirt. Make sure that you also have a few good ties on hand and that you have nice, smart clean shoes. Stick to black or brown socks.
Bringing a plus one
Sometimes invitations to these events allow you to invite along a plus one. This can be useful, especially since you and your date both get the opportunity to work the room. If your date is your partner or good friend then you could update them on what kind of connections you would like to make and the two of you could either split up or walk around together. If you aren’t in a relationship or have no close friend you would like to invite you may want to consider looking into Sydney escorts.

Please remember to exercise discretion, what you want is someone to accompany you and to help you out in the case of a potentially awkward situation. Or perhaps you think your event might be boring and would like some company. Whatever your reason, private escorts in Sydney will help you out.
Mind your manners
You will need to be conscious of maintaining and upholding social graces at an event like this. If you have a date with you treat them well – look after them, be polite to them and introduce them to others. People will take note of your behaviour and will likely be impressed. Do not barge into conversations, politely introduce yourself and contribute a valid point to a conversation. Do not attempt to hold forth in a conversation the whole time, you will soon find that you are the least popular person in the room. If an open bar is available, keep track of your alcohol consumption, you do not want to get tipsy at a corporate event and embarrass yourself or anyone else!