Have a best friends birthday coming up? A bachelorette party? Or just want to give a friend a naughty gift just because you feel like it? While most people like to give thoughtful, sensible gifts, sometimes buying a ridiculous gag present is too a great idea. Here are some debaucherous gifts ideas for your best friends. When it comes to buying a gift for a bachelorette party, it seems almost obligatory for people to stop by the local adult sex store to load up on candy penises, blow up boyfriends and fetish wear perhaps involving a leather harness or Leather Chaps Brisbane. These are incredibly fun gifts that will ensure that the bride to be will have an incredible night in her last days of being unmarried.
To throw a birthday to remember, why not take your best friend back to the adult sex store for some shopping. Especially for those who are a bit on the conservative side, this is not only a really fun gift to buy for them but may also lead to them finding out something new about themselves and their interests. In this day and age, people are owning their sexuality and are becoming even more comfortable with expressing and showing this so why not take them on an unbelievably debaucherous shopping spree?
Planning a weekend away is another great gift idea. While not expected to pay for the entire trip shouting the cost of the transportation to the destination or the cost of a hotel room is more than enough to be classed as a fantastic gift. Sometimes just splurging on a hotel in your own city can lead to a fantastic, crazy time that is sure to be memorable for all those in attendance. When at the new destination the possibilities are endless – you could have a luxurious night in drinking champagne and eating strawberries or you could doll up and hit all the clubs within a 10-kilometer radius. In any case, a fun night is sure to be had. Hosting a themed alcohol-fuelled get together isyet another idea to get all the girls together for a celebration. For close friends, why not take it in turns between all your houses and have a cocktail theme for each one. A Mexican night is easy to pull together – all you need is tequila and margarita mix, having a Gatsby theme is more complicated but at least involves all those in attendance to dress up as though in the Jazz era with a martini or old fashioned in hand. Mini cocktail parties are intimate but extremely fun and you never know how the night is going to end up. Use this link to know more ideas and tips for the best gifts for your best friend. 
There are a number of different ideas that could lead to an extremely debaucherous yet entertaining fun-filled night. Ultimately it comes down to the individuals involved and what their personal preferences are.