The effectiveness of birth control, particularly condoms is pretty much all about how you use it. Most unplanned and unwanted pregnancies are caused by the incorrect use of birth control. You’d be surprised the amount of people who don’t know how to wear a condom correctly. There’s a plethora of videos and fact sheets available on the web regarding the correct used of condoms so why are so many still getting it wrong?
First maybe there is an element of embarrassment, particularly for women. Sexually active teenagers may not yet have the know-how of correct condom use and may be worried about using the internet to find out. Now more than ever, parents are getting savvy about kids internet use and they can check browser history with a click of a button. Having said that sex, is not something that one should feel embarrassed or guilty about, and if a teenager has the intention you want them to know how to protect themselves and their partner. This is one reason that sexual education in schools is important. Schools offer a safe environment for teenagers to learn about STI’s and how to wear a condom among other things. Click this for more information.
There are also a number of condom related myths that affect the way and consistency with which condoms are used. Many believe that wearing a condom during sex is less pleasurable which is not always true. There are ribbed and studded condoms available that increase sexual stimulation in both partners. Mediocre sex is always better than an unplanned pregnancy or an STI. There is also a belief that those condoms which offer increased stimulation are also prone to breaking (such as ultra-thin condoms), which is untrue. Each and every condom on the market has been tested for strength and durability. The thickness of a condom has no impact upon the effectiveness of the condom, it is the way in which it is put on and worn that affects the amount of protection offered.
So, all this talk about how to wear a condom, what is the correct way? There are few key tips to remember when putting on a condom. First keep it away from excessive heat (your wallet is not a great place to store condoms) as heat exposure can damage or weaken the condom particularly true with latex or ultra-thin condoms. Always use your hands to tear open the packet, never use scissors or other sharp objects as you may inadvertently pierce the condom. The condom must always be placed on an erect penis, pinching the top gently whilst rolling the condom down the penis. If you place it on wrongly always get rid of it and start again, don’t take unnecessary risks. Using a condom correctly is not hard and is one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy as well as the transmission of STI’s. It’s easy, fairly cheap and still exciting so there is no reason not to use condoms during sex.