A few days before, a week before a man gets married, a party is thrown to celebrate his last days of bachelorhood. This party is known as bachelor’s party or stag party. A bachelor’s party is thrown by the bachelor’s best friend or the closest relatives. They might take help of a bachelor’s party planning team. Since it is a bachelor’s party, most of the guests are men. Minor guys are not allowed to participate. The venue of the festivity can be the groom’s residence, or it might be some club, beer bar, pub or even a disco.


It totally depends on the number of guests and their preferences. Few of the major characteristics of such parties can be drawn as under:

  • The groom does not take part in the organization of the party. He is not responsible to invite any guests.
  • Only adult men are allowed to participate in such parties. These parties have events which are not appropriate for a minor like drinks, strip-tease, etc.
  • Bachelor party, unlike a bachelorette party, takes place mostly at late hours at night.
  • If the crowd is not hesitant, then female waitresses and strip teasers might also be called.
  • Champagne and other drinks are an obvious part of bachelor’s party.

 The equivalent event to a bachelor’s party is a bachelorette’s party for the females.

Different countries have different names and styles of celebrating a bachelor’s party. It is known as stag party or stag night in Canada, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. It is known as bucks party in Australia. There is one common feature which is the high amount of alcohol consumption in all such parties.

Different ideas of celebrating bachelor’s party

It is not difficult to plan a good stag party. You just need a little bit of organizational skills and some good ideas. Here are a few ideas of celebrating or rather rocking a bachelor’s party:

  • If the participants are lovers of drinks, then why not take them to a good beer pub. Pubs have good music, dance and yes, women!
  • Playing games, mainly poker and stuff. It is a sinful delight to lose some money just before the important upcoming week.
  • For the wild ones, calling female strip teasers and male strippers with celebrating a bachelor’s party is not a bad idea.
  • Partying at a cigar bar, if you cigar lovers.
  • if the groom is a lover of cars and drives then going out for long highway drives and then having drinks, food and stuff!
  • For the lovers of peace, bachelor’s party doesn’t necessarily mean drinks, women, and stuff. You can also go out for fishing or just some random day outing with friends!

Let the groom enjoy his last few days of freedom well!