You and your girlfriends are at a friend’s house chatting and generally having a good time enjoying each other’s company. You hear a phone ring and one of your friends takes out her smartphone and glances at the screen. You see her smile and chuckle to herself. Then she starts tapping away at the screen of her phone, apparently typing a message in response to the one she just received. You pay it no mind until you see her take out her phone again and after reading the incoming message there is even a bigger smile on her face.

Curiosity overwhelms you and you just have to ask her who is she texting. She tells you that it is her new friend. What new friend could she be talking you ask her. You both work in the same office and you know with the hectic schedule you both presently have at work there is very little time to meet a man. So where could she have found time to meet this new mystery man? You ask her as nonchantly as you can trying to hide your jealousy. Her answer though is not very satisfying. According to her, she met him online.

Online! Does she take you for a fool? As far as you are concerned the men you meet online are either perverts, ugly, scam artistes or just plain freaks. With little though you jump up and grab the phone from her not paying any attention to puzzled stares of your other friends at this point. You look at the phone and look at the picture of the man that is sending your friend messages that has her blushing like a school girl. You may consider camfrog alternative.

To your surprise it is a picture of a gentleman from a nearby office building that you and your friend had seen some time ago. You remember how you were both saying how handsome he is. But you have both come to the end of your lunchtime and had to return to the office. That was about a month ago. 

You ask her when they met unable to hide the shock and disbelief in your voice. Her answer bamboozles you even more when she says that they haven’t physically met yet. So when did this happen?
Your friend, unable to forget the gentleman she saw that day, decided to make some inquiries of the handsome gentleman she was smitten with. On learning his name she went home and searched for him online. Her search was rewarded when she found him on an online dating agency site. She took the initiative and introduced herself online and since then they have been texting and calling each other every day.

You still find this hard to believe and question her further. You ask her if she is sure that this is the same man. You start lecturing her telling her of the dangers of meeting people online. Midway your lecture, two other friends stops you dead in your tracks when the first one says you are too old fashioned. The other friend then says she met her present man online. All the girls look at you like you are a dinosaur, before they almost in unison, all tell you to stop living like you are Amish and get with the times.