If you have a close friend who is soon to be married, there is one part of the wedding preparation that all the boys must be looking forward to; the bachelor party. The crazy fun that the groom and his friends get into at these functions have been the source of numerous scenes in movies and tv shows as well, which only goes to show the kind of mischief that is to be had and the memories to be made resulting in lots of stories that will be told of this night in the years to come.

If you are a member of the wedding party on the grooms’ side you will also have to fulfil the task of planning the bachelor party. With such high expectations you will want to make sure that you pull out all the stops when planning the perfect night of outrageous fun. You can use some of the following tips to make sure that your plans will definitely be entertaining to everyone present.

Lots and lots of alcohol.

Alcohol will definitely be on every one’s mind when they think of a bucks party. Therefore if you are planning one you should make sure that it is available in excess supply. You can book a local bar or look into services that provide bars for hire together with a professional bar keeper to mix a variety of drinks for your friends. However if your plans for the night include visiting more than one place, please make sure that you also hire a transportation service while you’re at it and avoid driving under the influence.

Spice things up

Another common fixture at bachelor parties are female strippers Gold Coast.

You can also go online to book services that provide various packages and female strippers who do different performances. Different packages will depend on the number of strippers you wish to order and performances will include features such as lap dances. So go ahead and hire a few of these professionals to spice up your party.

Do what the boys love

Ultimately at the end of the day you should aim to do what your and your friends love doing together. This doesn’t need to be anything outrageous, it can even be something simple that you know everyone likes. Other fun ideas for bachelor parties can be a trip that you can take as a group before the big day. This way you can spend more time together and relax and reminisce on your journey as friends. The goal is to have fun and make a memorable night.