NO. What is wrong with you? It is definitely not okay to do anything sexual with someone other than the woman you are with! The problem is that a bachelor party is typically in a setting where there is an open invitation for something sexual to happen. You may think that it will stop with a few lap dances. Think about yourself as a man. Imagine this: there is a slim, gorgeous young lady rubbing up against you with her semi-naked body like nobody’s business. You’re in paroxysms of lust. At the height of it all, she whispers that she can go further for a hundred dollars. What would you do? You might try to show off your willpower and say that you will refuse. The truth is, you are going to do it, and that is going to destroy your relationship and your marriage. All for 100 dollars and 5 minutes of joy (don’t shake your head, 5 minutes is stretching it).

The True Purpose of a Bachelor Party

The main problem is that everything from topless waitresses to prostitutes is regarded as being completely fine in the aura of a bachelor party. This is wrong. It is piggish, silly, and immature. A real man wouldn’t take his buddies to a strip club to celebrate the sacred union of a man and a woman. Dinner and drinks and quality time with the men, that’s what the night is supposed to be about. It shouldn’t include naked women, infidelity and the destruction of a monogamous relationship. Put yourself in the shoes of your fiancée. Do you really think you would be okay with your man having sex with some bimbo just because it’s his bachelor party? Hell no! Looking for a perfect stripper check this website for info.

Go Back To the Roots

While your fiancée may be okay with sexy topless waitresses even that might be stretching the boundaries a little bit. The biggest issue is that people seem to have forgotten the real reason they have these parties in the first place. It is meant to be a celebration of honor and marriage. Instead, it is the exact opposite. This stems from the way people look at marriage in the present day. Instead of a blessed union between two people regardless of race, gender or sexual preference, it is thought of as the shackling of two people to one another. This is backwards and wrong.

If you truly want to have the best party ever for you and your friends, you need to think about alternatives to what is defined as the social norm. Do not let others decide what direction your moral compass should be pointing.