Having male or female strippers in parties and private events has become common in various societies, to add an element of entertainment and eye candy to the event. We will focus on the common differences between decent hire topless waiters. Women, when viewing male strippers, just want to have fun and have a laugh with their friends. There’s not much more to it. The male stripping industry is all about entertainment. Most of female stripping work is done in the form of lap dances in private rooms. This hardly ever happens in the male stripping industry.  

The difference in income

Generally speaking, female strippers make much more money than male strippers. This is partly due to the fact that females are mostly in the strip clubs working, and males are either do a stage show on the weekend or just doing strip-a-grams and houses on a Saturday night.  Female strippers spend lots of time doing private lap dances in strip clubs, where they can make anywhere from $50 – $100 AUD, and work as long as they like in the club. Strip clubs are usually open most days of the week which allows for the girls to make some serious money, in addition to a day time job (if they choose). So, in reality female strippers can be making over $2000 a week easily if they work hard. On the other hand, male strippers don’t have male strip clubs to work in. Male strippers also get paid less for private lap dances and the industry is full of guys who keep lowering their rate an undercutting everybody else. Most other male strippers in the US and everywhere else in the world do either stage shows or “strip-a-grams”. Both of these options make far less money than what female strippers make. Alternatively, males can work on the weekends and perform at hen’s parties doing strip-a-grams. This option will allow any male stripper to make more money, however they get paid far less for a booking as compared to female strippers. Once again this is because of the X-rated nature of the female strippers show. They do things that men can’t simply do.

The difference in the industry

The female strip club environment can be perfectly fine; however, it can also be a very unhealthy and damaging environment to be exposed to. It’s all too common to see females getting addicted to drugs, crime and gambling. Most male strippers are actually health obsessed and most have day time jobs in construction/offices/etc. 


Parties and private events have an element of entertainment. Melbourne male strippers has become common. Of course, there are differences in the nature of hiring either one of them. Female strippers earn more due to regular working hours in clubs and the variety of things they can do compared to male strippers. Male strippers tend to more health conscious.

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