A bunch of cackling chicks and group of croaking cocks on the eve of one of their chick’s or cock’s betrothal have a keen desire to go wild and crazy. No one should grudge them this; least of all the judgmental hypocrites out there. It’s all good ‘release’. All that pent up frustration, feelings of losing one of the gang, sadness, added with a pinch of sexual adventure, is the perfect recipe for raunchy night. If you are in charge of organizing this extremely important, life altering, end of the world adventure, then you need to think twice and once more about going for the usual hen-night vibe, for it is all been there done that. There is next to no point in pandering to something that has completely lost its novelty, not unless you are sure that that is something suitable for your little clique (people are entitled to their opinions and preferences of course). You are entitled to think bigger and bolder. Don’t be clogged down convention and protocol. Think better, nastier, and sexier. Go here if you are looking for female strippers in Sydney. 

As long as you know your limits, you are in for a good night. It is not the male stripper here and the female stripper there, there is much more to a good, gold star, luxurious hen’s night or buck’s night than that. There are plenty of well reputed entertainment agencies for grown-ups who specialize in this kind of activity. The best of them will transport you into a heaven full of sexy men and gorgeous and voluptuous women in an instant (for standard fare). You will be enticed, compelled, and forced to partake without question. It will be the best night of your life, one full of exquisite liquor, heaving bosom, tight chests and fine posteriors. There will be dance acts, bathing acts, soaping acts, and much more.

Best in town baby

Hottest strippers in town will be at your disposal. You can see them strip (semi nude and nude), dance provocatively, bathe in soapy fragrant tubs, playing with each other’s tassels, it’s all a dreamland (imagine a kinkier version of Michael Crichton’s Westworld: there you have it!) All you have got to do is to know what you really want with your money and what your friends are in the mood for. Well if you have the time and patience and the cash, then you can try it all! Instant exhaustion can be guaranteed: the contented and happy kind.

Kinky baths taken to the next level

A good wet n wild bath duo: a bikini clad female performer sponging herself with fragrant soapy water, the soap running down her gorgeous body, and the soft satisfied moan escaping her sensual lips: what more can a man want?

She then takes it to the next level by stripping herself piece by piece, to your advantage: it gets better and better and better. Twenty minutes of this is more than you can have without choking. Be a part of the whole experience. Go online and make your booking now.