Society recognizes one human gathering from others. It additionally recognizes people from different cultures. A human’s way of life incorporates his beliefs, principles of conduct, language, customs, workmanship, styles of dress, methods for creating and cooking, religion, and political and economic systems.

Woman, on the other hand, is a human who lives among that same group of humans but being recognized by the society according to a different set of rules and criteria. In the present society, she has to fight for her recognition and every day she struggles and fights with her culture asking for her rightful place and tries to create voice of her own.

The present society control women through her culture, putting barriers and boundaries to the way she talks, walks and even the way she behaves. Her choice is not that important as much as the ethical issues of the culture she was born in to. Unlike a man, who is being fully privileged to act according to his will, she must adjust her choices and desires according to her culture to protect her society from being ethically harmed.

Most of the time, it is the culture which limits the choices for her. If you are a woman you don’t get to select your own life but the society and culture will do it for you. The main idea of having a culture in a particular civilization is that, to buildup the ethical well being of all the humans. But at present culture has become a weapon which controls women and limits their choices.

A woman’s choice is always being questioned by the society. If she is among the strippers at Gold Coast, that is because she is a slut who cannot pull things together in her life.
But if a man was among the same set of strippers at Gold Coast, he is a rich guy who was busy all day and he came there because he needed to relax his mind. The society respects his choice and reason things out for him while with her, pointing at issues regarding her culture. According to the unwritten rules of the society, it is a must to live a rightful life for women without making a single mistake. If she got pregnant out of marriage it is because she was enjoy her life getting wasted and being a disgrace to her family. If she decided to be a single parent that is because no men can’t live with her and put up with her. If she decides to go with an abortion that’s because she is cruel and heartless.

Why is this? Is it because the society recognizes them as a weaker set of humans which needs to be sort out their selections for them? Is it because of the idea that the reputations of the family and the society is on the shoulders of women? What about men? Aren’t they needless to be civilized? Aren’t they a part of the society? Can it be justified that a woman gets raped by them just because she went out in the night? The society needs to think over about these issues and women themselves need to understand these issues and race their voice against injustice so at least the future generations will know not only the values of a culture but also the value of equality and respect.